Google+ Communities - What they mean to me... or what they don't mean.

I had to look up what a community really means. 

Not that I don't know what a community is but more like what it isn't. Wikipedia describes a community as a group of people living in the same place having a particular characteristic in common. 

 A community could be any group of people, 

From Nuns to the Teamsters Union, working together for a higher goal. 

  • Imagine a bunch of boys, sitting around a campfire, marshmellows and weenies on sticks. A Community! 

    A Community of Boy Scouts

  • A group of businessmen discussing financial figures around the board table, bitching over lost sales. A Community! 

  • Your wife, her teas in the afternoon, with the girls, no men allowed. A Community!

Examples: The Jewish Community, The Chinese Community, The International Community, The Community of Like Thinkers, The Community of Internal Affairs. The Ant, Art and Old Age Communities. All with like elements.

Can a bank be a community?

A bank takes from a community and lends it back to the community but is a bank a community? In poker you can come up with a community card, one everyone can use. Can a card be a community? When you get old you might need, community care, where everyone gets a chance to wipe your ass or you could belong to a community centre, donate to a community chest, go to a community college, live in a community home, frequent a community hospital. Play in a community park, (if you're a dirty old man stay out) or watch out for the community police patrolling community space and community property. You could be required to do community service. With a little community support you'll keep up the community spirit by becoming a community worker.

Then along comes a new community; 

Google+ Communities, ready made congregations with pulpits for eager waiting ears.

That's the topic of another blog and that will be the title, watch for it!

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