Diorama - Love is Eternal

A Diorama, Love is Eternal (Artist:Wendy Van Ginkel)

I never heard the term 'Diorama' before... 

I quickly looked it up in the dictionary and found out it was a three dimensional model, much like those that pop up out of children's books as you turn the pages, almost giving you the illusion of looking through a peephole. An animation special effects set for television or the movies.

This one in particular... my sister made. 

She was showing me the pictures, telling me she entered a contest and won under the Best Photographic Composition.

How this particular Diorama is made:

  • She had the man prior and thought this was the perfect project for him.  
  • She  pre-built the arbor, one of the stipulations of the contest was to make and use a heart arbor.
  • She used lots of loose cotton for clouds
  • The headboards are from a miniature brass bed which are used for gates.
  • A cut out of an angel from a cross stitch pattern she already had. It was placed doubled over, for the 3D effect, making a shadow behind it.
  • The posts are two clay bars with marbles on top.

  1. First, she folded and glued some card stock together. (the stage)
  2. Then she wall papered it with paper that she printed from the computer. A picture of clouds and sky.
  3. Arranged all the stuff.
  4. Had her husband hold a flash light on the angel, giving it that spiritual halo look.
  5. Then, she clicked away on her camera. 

Beautiful wouldn't you agree? Wait until I show you her doll houses. They're amazing.

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