Did you ask that woman to remove her Burka?

I had to use the ATM machine. 

I took off my sunglasses and looked around. 

A bank! Across the street. I put my sunglasses back on and dodged oncoming pedestrians crossing at the light all the way to the door of the bank.

A person, in a Burka was walking in front of me. Obviously Islamic and maybe a woman. Impossible to tell in that outfit.

It was hot!  

I immediately thought a Terrorist! or Bank Robber! Heaven forbid a Suicide Bomber! 

She might not even be a she, but a him with a weapon underneath the black material. She/he went into the bank a few feet ahead of me.

The security guard stood on the inside of door. He said nothing to her but nodded in agreement that she should enter without being scrutinized. She said nothing to him, as she passed the ATM machines and walked right into the bank. I watched her walk up to a vacant teller through the glass doors.

I entered through the same doors and as I passed the security guard he asked me if I'd remove my sunglasses. 

I turned and asked him, 

"Did you ask that woman, to remove her Burka?" then pointed to the woman in the Burka.

He said. "No!"

I asked him, "Why not?"

His answer, 

"I'm only asking you if you wouldn't mind taking your sunglasses off, you don't have too, if you don't want too."

With my sunglasses still on I said,

"Then excuse me," 

and entered and did my business, the security guard at my back, watching my every move...

I couldn't see a thing,

I made mistakes punching in my personal password, I couldn't remember my pass word, I've got so many, and... 

I almost left my card in the machine because it was so dark for me I didn't see it as it was ejected. I had to come back into the bank to retrieve it. Again past the security guard. Luckily, I noticed right away when I got out of the bank and took my sunglasses off and had them off, I didn't want to go through that again.

It was just a matter of principle.

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