Danger Will Robinson, Danger! Lost in Space. Bill Mumy. I was jealous of him.

Lost in space. Will Robinson, a kid traveling in space with his family when they get lost. 

He'd be in peril, an alien would be after him, the robot would burst out. "Danger Will Robinson!  Danger Will Robinson!" as it waved it's arms.

Watch 30 second video and you'll know what I mean.


I'd be sitting on the edge of my seat.  My eyes glued to the television set. The animation, the sets, the monsters. All so real. In black and white. You laugh now!

Why couldn't I have adventures like Will had? I was jealous. I wanted my own personal robot? Life wasn't fair. I hated him. Bill Mumy. The little carrot top. How come he was so lucky to travel in space going to new worlds? A new one every week. What a life! I was jealous.

Compared to the graphics of television shows aired now-a-days!  It makes me feel silly.

I always wondered who played the robot and what happen to Bill.

This is Bill Mumy today. Luckily his father, carefully handled his money for him. He's rich now. Currently, living in Hollywood with his wife and two children.  Happier than a pig in shit. I hate him!

I'm jealous. All those adventures visiting far away planets as a kid then ending up with lots of money as an adult to do practically anything he wants.

What more to life is there? He's living the dream.

Bob May played the robot. The robots voice dubbed by Dick Tufeld. They're both dead, now!  

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