A ticket for possession of pot - A cash grab by the Canadian Government

We have two choices, "Turn a blind eye or lay down the law!"
says, Nova Scotia Police Chief Mark Mander

Now the top cops in Canada from the Canadian Association of Police Chiefs are proposing to Prime Minister Harper the possibility of giving out tickets for possession of marijuana, like a traffic ticket and end all the paperwork and time involved with arresting offenders.  Saving court costs and freeing up prisons, for more serious offences.  The same as if someone consumes liquor in a public place.  A ticket is issued, under the provincial liquor laws.

Let it be known, only one police officer voted against the proposal.  Hmm...

Many have found that this new proposal, a step toward decriminalization.  

Unfortunately, the government would have to ease up on some of the laws presently in place, but that's a pipe dream.  They're staunch on the law. 

In the recommendation:  The Federal Contraventions Act could add a ticketing option under the heading, Controlled Drug and Substances Act which legislates the law governing pot possession. Already the Act allows other ticketing offences for marine and wildlife protection.

People caught, say smoking a joint in a park, won't be arrested but ticketed, alleviating the need for a criminal record and jail time. But, still the offender will still get a slap on the wrist for disobeying the law.

To me this is just a cash grab for the government. Why not just decriminalize?  

Smoking pot has lost the stigma it once had, remember "Reefer Madness" the movie?  

In summary, this whole proposal by the police strengthens my belief that the government is not, "in tune with the time" as much as the police. 

Two thumbs up for the police at least for trying.

Now that Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau stated his views on legalizing marijuana, the conservatives are running scared, sticking to their guns. 

Justice Minister Peter MacKay said, "These drugs are harmful on users and society in general, the government has a responsibility to protect families across the country.

What is he talking about? Another one of Harper's cronies!

 Harper has said, "Legalize marijuana, not on my watch!" 


I say... good-bye Mr. Harper. I won't be voting conservative, and I'll try to convince all my friends to go liberal too!  Justin Trudeau will have my vote anyway. 

Next time you go vote, check out what your MP's views are; on the subject of marijuana and the legalization of pot are, and then place your vote. There is already, a growing number of MP's jumping on the band wagon, and I salute them. They know who they are.

The police chiefs were quick to make it known that they were not supporting the decriminalization or legalization of marijuana.

It would make a lot of sense, if you ask me and a lot safer for all concerned if the Federal Government just drop these stupid tactics and cash grabs and just decriminalize possession of marijuana.  

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Fact:  In 2009, there were 62,510 marijuana related drug offences, 55% resulted in guilty finding,  while the rest were stayed, withdrew, dismissed or discharged, what a waste of tax payers money...   Statistics Canada

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