95 year old, kills roommate 85 in a old age care home.

Think twice before banishing grandma or grandpa to a nursing home.

Is it my imagination or are residents with dementia going on a murder spree?

August 18th. Two old men. Both with dementia, in bed, sleeping. Roommates for a short two weeks.  

Care home killing11 pm: John Furman, one of the men, aged 95 gets out of bed and kills his roommate aged 85 while he slept, in the Jubilee Polsen Hospital, 26 bed dementia unit an Extended Care Facility.

The poor man's name is being withheld. He was found dead at the scene. No details were given of the actual murder, the cause or the weapon used.

Both families are grieving and the police are holding Mr. Furman while they investigate, said RCMP spokesman Gord Molendyk.

In June: This follows another murder by a fellow resident in Kamloops at the Overlander Extended Care Hospital. The victim's daughter Moneca Jantzen set up a facebook page to unite other victims, and to tell her story. 

The Interior Health responded with an official statement saying, Our attention today must be focused on meeting the needs of our other residents and staff as well as the needs of the RCMP.

The reality is the criminal justice system hasn't a clue, when dealing with cases involving serious dementia.

More attentants, and more monitoring with training seem to be the plan in the near future.

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