Things get better with age...

Lets start off with all the food that gets better with age.   Don't tell Grandma that her casserole and her lasagna tastes better the next day.

Meat gets aged to give it distinctive flavours.  The same for cheese's like Cheddar and Parmigiana.  The older the egg, the easier to get out of the shell, after boiling.  Full bodied beer and wine need time.  Liqueurs, dessert wines, scotch, port, taste better the more aged.

Real Estate!  If you hold on to it, long enough, will raise in value.  Same with furniture and collectables. Those three thousand dollar cars from the sixties, valuable today!  A cherry red, 1968 Mustang convertible comes to mind. 

Now, a 1968 Shelby Cobra GT 500KR, a morphed Mustang, with a base price of  $4,472. in 68' 
One sold the other day for $225,000.

We get wiser. We have more stories to tell. We finally start accepting and appreciating the body we have, with all it's aches and pains. 

Our verbal and communication skills improve with age. The gift of gab usually attributed to little old ladies.

You've learned: all good things come in time. As in waiting for web pages to download on your Pet Computer.  I think I better upgrade.

Older people say, "I love you more." 
There was a study done on that by the love scientists, and they found older people to be more affectionate towards one another. I guess my parents weren't in the study.

Compassionate through experience. A better feel for things.

These are just a few things, that get better with age.  You can add your own...

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