The Way of the Dog

After reading, "Glass" I anticipated the day when I would find another novel written by Sam Savage. Then the other day, there it was, on the "Books We Liked Shelf" at the library. Where I found "Glass" 

The shelf which I have some concerns with. One concern would be, "Who picks these books?"

But today I found...

The Way of the Dog 
written by Sam Savage
ISBN 978-1-566-89-312-1

A Book Review

On the refrigerator:  Chao Chou was asked,

"When a man comes to you with nothing,

what would you say to him?"

And he replied, "Throw it away."

This saying resonated within me, in fact so did the book.  It's only 151 pages, a quick read. 

The story is about an artist, a very old man living as a recluse in his big magnificent home with his very old dog. The visits from his caregiver and his son, whom he cares very little for. 

He tells the story of a life he once had, his house as an artists colony with its off-beat characters.

I loved this book.  Sam Savage is a master at character development. It's sad, then again it's not. Damn thing was hard to put down.

I give it Five stars.  *****

Dog Brindle

Author Profile from Goodreads:

Sam Savage   

in The United States 
November 09, 1940


About this author

Sam Savage is a native of South Carolina now living in Madison, Wisconsin. He received his bachelor and doctoral degree from Yale University where he taught briefly, and has also worked as a bicycle mechanic, carpenter, commercial fisherman, and letterpress printer.

Like most of the books I read, this one came from the Surrey Public Library. On the shelf Books We Liked

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