The Sensible Policing Act

Decriminalize possession of Cannabis For A Safer Province

A message from Sensible ✔

Someone's got to speak up!

It is within the British Columbia's Provincial Government power today, to make changes in policing the province.  Our Attorney General can legally decriminalize cannabis possession by redirecting police resources. So what's the hold up!

Here is an example: Taken from one of their flyers. 

In 2003, 8 provinces refused to enforce a federal law, The Long Gun Registry. The BC Attorney General instructed police not to harass citizens in possession of an unregistered long gun.

Sounds reasonable! Doesn't it? Can you see where this is leading.  

Something so silly; a man has an antique musket displayed on his recreation room wall, gets arrested for possession of an unregistered firearm, goes to prison. So ridiculous, it's down right funny!

I thought, arrests were going down in number for possession. Especially, in these times when pot is main stream but more and more people are being charged. Between 2005 - 2011 the number of possession charges has doubled. Why is that?

Our court system is clogged. Our resources that could be used elsewhere, on more urgent matters rather than being used for these, antiquated laws are being wasted, on fighting against what the public wants.

This is what Sensible✔BC has come up with. And I must say. An excellent idea. To solve this problem they've written up a new law, called the Sensible Policing Act, and comes in two parts. 

Part One, decriminalize cannibus possession for adults                      
Part Two, Works towards a legally regulated system, dialogue to figure out rules and details needed to create a legal and regulated system.

This is what "The Sensible Policing Act" will do.

It will stop all BC Police from spending their time on cannabis possession and start us on the path to a legally regulated system.

Sensible✔BC has done their homework!
Elections BC has confirmed that the Sensible Policing Act is within provincial jurisdiction and suitable for a referendum.

A Vote to Change the Law

The sensible BC Campaign is to have a referendum on The Sensible Policing ActWe want a vote to change the cannabis laws in BC.


400,000 signatures are needed during September and November of 2013.
There will be a historic provincial vote on the Sensible Policing Act in September 2014.

You can register and find out more at

I laughed when I saw Harper once on the news, when asked about his views on the legalization of marijuana. He was telling a news reporter. "Not going to happen in my government," he said.

Wanna bet...

It just goes to show you where Harper's head is at. 


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