The Rotary Telephone - Weapon of Choice

How many of you remember using a rotary telephone?  One of those big heavy black ones.  

You'd be part of a party line. Two ringy dingies, the lady down the street.  Three rings, one short, two long, someone on the other side of town.  One long, one short, one long, the pervert no one ever heard talking, just heavy breathing.  

They only came in black. This was before colour. Before the Princess phone , pinks and baby blues or Kitchen wall phones, in Harvest Gold and Avocado Green.

Weapon of Choice

With a handset that would have made a good weapon, if needed. In fact, during the 30's, 40's and 50's it became the weapon of choice in most domestic disputes.  

Companies still had switchboards.  Remember the operator. A real person.

"Hello Operator, I'd like to place a call back home to my mom's."

"Oh, it's you Dog, how is your Mom?"

Went something like that. That was a long time ago. Things were a lot more simpler back then.

Makes you feel old doesn't it?  My little cel phone, couldn't hurt a fly.

Dog Brindle

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