Technology and Old Age

How small are all these new fangled gadgets going to get?

I not only need my glasses to read my cel phone, I need a blood hound to find it.

I need a magnifying glass and if it don't light up, forget it!

Things are getting smaller, thinner, lighter, brighter. User friendly, and as advertised, easy to view.  What!

Mini, multi, wireless or hard plugged.

What's this? I-Pad, Google, Air waves. Tweet. Aire. Air-time.

Scratchless, touchscreen, no glare.
HD, LCD, Digital, Retina display. Video friendly!

Damage resistant, waterproofed and guaranteed. Advanced, filtered and they deliver.

Hand held, table top. 
Shared or private.

What happened to the pen and paper, the rotary telephone?

"These times are a changing."

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