Resident to Resident Violence

You've searched around and have selected an old age home for your poor dear old mother.

She's in her final stages of life. Demented. Wheelchair bound. Basically bed ridden.  The final stages of Alzheimer's.

The home, is clean. The food is decent.  

There are lots of staff, during the day as you visit.  They tell you there is 1 to 8 ratio. Meaning for every eight residents there is one staff person on duty at night.

Sounds reasonable, doesn't. After all, what can a little old person do in the middle of the night to get themselves into trouble. They sleep at night don't they?

But no, apparently this is the most dangerous time for residents.  

Here's one of the latest incidences:

A man in a long term care home is in his bed, sound asleep. Frank Piccolo, he's bed ridden.
Frank Piccolo victim of  resident to resident violence

A woman enters the room, comes over to the bed, screams and starts hitting the man.

She is in the wrong room! 

After getting out of bed and wandering the halls, she thought she walked back into her bedroom, finding a man in her bed she defended herself.

Staff (one nurse) came in and separated the two. The man was okay, but very shaken. A report was filed.

She took the woman back to her room and put her to bed. Everything was fine until about an hour later the same woman gets out off bed and starts wandering the halls. She walks into the man's bedroom again and finds another man in her bed, she doesn't realize it was the man she just previously beat up.  She picks up his medical board at the foot of the bed and starts beating the man.  Thinking he was attacking her. She beat him almost to death using the clip board as a weapon before the nurse came to his rescue. He died shortly afterward, not directly from the attack but his wife says a broken man.  He just gave up.

Twice in one night!

The home care company ran by Extendicare, which operates 440 long term care facilities, failed Mr. Piccolo by not providing a safe place for him.

No one accepts responsibility.

So... There are 10,000 reported cases of resident to resident violence every year. Make your decision wisely.  

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