Out-Of-Body Experience

Pressure Cooker Bombing Foiled

Pressure Cooker Bombs found in Surrey Home of the Accused.

Nobody would want to bomb, British Columbia.
We're friendly out west here, we welcome everyone.

Everyone loves us in the world.

Don't believe it!


They've already arrested two people in a Canada Day terrorist plot, to cause as much damage as possible in Victoria during the Canada Day ceremonies.  John Stewart Nuttall, 38 and Amanda Korody, 29, both known to police. 
Nuttall has a troubled past. A petty and violent drug addicted criminal and hit man. Korody apparently a runaway from St.Catherine, Ontario.

Thanks to our men in red, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). A sting operation called, 'Project Souvenir' carried out by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

Their court date July 9th.

These two were wanna-a-be terrorists.  Willing to perform an act of terrorism in the name of "Islam." If they would have read my blog the other day, they would have realized: The aim of Islam and the Brotherhood, is to take by force if they have too, not to convert non-Muslims to Islam but rather to expand and defend the Islamic State.

I would stick my neck out and suggest this act about to be committed by these two "self-radicalized" terrorists have some connection to al Qaeda. With a little research, this claim I found out to be true, except these were home grown terrorists.

The police raided their home and found the bombs in the picture. Pressure Cooker Bombs, Copy cat, bombs from the recent bombing in Boston at the marathon.

Now I have to worry,

I take the Skytrain often...
A terrorists dream.

All the venues this summer.  With well over 100,000 people in attendance.  The Pride Parade, the Fireworks.

We can't let terrorism win.

Seniors, grab your canes and walkers.
Charge the batteries on the scooter.
We have to attend!
And don't forget what we are attending

Dog Brindle

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