Pay- Pal's Big Mistake

I've heard of a guy going into a bank using the ATM machine, needing $20.00 fast. After pressing OK, hundreds of twenties start dropping out of the machine.

I have a friend who, had that happened to him, once. He returned the money the next day. If he didn't no one would have been the wiser. 

No machine has made that mistake when I've used it!

Great Train Robbery of 1963
How about the day when you went into a corner store and the clerk gave you a dollar change to much. You took it, stashing it in your pocket, not saying a word, acting like you've just pulled off the greatest heist since, Bill Boal committed the Great Train Robbery of 1963.

No one has ever over-changed me!   But they have over-charged me, numerous times!

It's always the other guy that finds that lucky penny! How many times has someone found a penny and given it to you asking, "Penny for your thoughts!"

Howard Hughes
Or that guy, that picks-up Howard Hughes, hitch hiking. Gets left a fortune. 

My luck, I've nearly been car jacked, murdered and sexually molested by hitch hikers.  Do you think Richard Branson hitch hikes?  Could I ever be so lucky?

What about all those over-payment tax cheques? Do people really complain when the government overpays them?

What this all boils down to is: The big mistake Pay Pal made on July 17, 2013.  They overpaid this guy (Chris Reynolds) in Delaware and credited his account.  $92, Quadrillion Dollars. You heard right!  Thats, $92,233,720,368,547,800.00

Like the saying goes, he literally went to bed a poor man and woke up a rich man. He planned to pay off the national debt, and that would still leave him with plenty of cash.  He'd still be rich!

But alas, it was short lived. He never actually saw any cash, but for a fleeting moment became, the richest man on the planet!  On paper anyway...

Now that's a mistake.

Could it ever happen to me?

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