Nurse Jamie Irons Out Wrinkles in Old Scrotums

This is Nurse Jamie.  She's a skin care expert and aesthetician.  A good friend of Dr. Drew.

Only in Hollywood!

This is the latest craze.  Ironing out all those wrinkles on your old scrotum. All the old male stars are driving out to Santa Monica and getting the procedure done.

Get Rid of those nasty wrinkles on your scrotum.

Old men are tired of their sagging balls. 
That's all there is to it! 

A chick spa in Hollywood came up with a new procedure, called the "Tighten the Tackle" procedure. A mere $575 at Beauty Park. Using lasers they remove hair, erase wrinkles, and correct discoloration on the scrotum.  The non-surgical procedure was invented by a nurse who calls herself, "Nurse Jamie." Not bad, eh! She also invented "The Vajacial," the female counter part to "Tighten and Tackle"

It went viral when George Clooney raved about getting his scrotum ironed.

There is only one problem.  This is the doctor you will be dealing with, Dr. Daniel Yamini.

He reminds me of my barber.  Nicked my ear a few times!

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