Left Handed People

Did you know that about 15% of all living people on earth are left handed and women are more likely to be right-handed than men.

Women over 40 are more than likely to produce left-handed babies, 128% more. Considered many things in history as a mark of the devil, a sign of neurosis, rebellion, criminality and homosexuality (39%). The weaker or bad side traditionally known as the female side. Also considered a trait for the creative and musically inclined.

Left-Handers Day Aug 13, 2013

Did you know that August 13th is Left-Hander's Day, which was launched in 1992. It celebrates left-handedness and brings awareness to difficulties and frustrations left-handers experience every day in a world designed for right handed people.
The last of the unorganized 
minorities in society with no collective power and no real sense of common identity. It is claimed that left-handers die nine times earlier than their counterparts. Social customs and language set left-handers as different and even bad. In Russia today, if you are called a lefty, it's an insult. The latin term for the word is sinister from sinistrum.  

The Meaning of the Word

The word "LEFT" in the Old English dictionary is described as meaning weak. Derived from the Anglo-Saxon word Lyft which defines left-handedness as meaning crippled, defective, awkward, clumsy, inapt, underhanded, ambiguous, doubtful, and questionable. A left-handed complement is actually an insult.
A left-handed marriage, an adulterous sexual liaison
A left-handed wife, a mistress

Studies have shown left-handed people richer and had higher IQ's.  Examples are Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and Benjamin Franklin.

President Obama,
who's left-handed,
signs papers in the Oval Office:
 Studies suggest that lefties
are more restrained
decision makers than
their right-handed counterparts.
Herbert Hoover was the first left handed president of the United States. Interesting enough but James Garfield could write Greek with the left hand and Latin with the right. Go figure! Other presidents, Obama, Clinton, and Bush Sr.
Plus it runs in families, the Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, and Prince William.

The Evil Side of Left-handedness

The left has always been considered evil. The Prince of Demons named Samael sat on God's left side, Michael sat on his right. The attribution of evil to left and good to right appears in various forms throughout the world. Many artistic representations of the devil show him to be a lefty. The Boston Strangler, Osama Bin Laden and Jack the Ripper were lefties. The right hand is mentioned positively in the bible 100 times, while the left hand is mentioned only 25 times, all negative. Those who have autism are more likely to be left handed.

Eskimo's think lefties are witches, in Morocco left-handers are cursed.

The bias term dexterity comes from the word dexter which means right handed on both sides.

Incas believed left-handers possessed magical abilities. The North American Zuni tribe believed it to bring good luck.

If you're a lefty you have more chance of becoming an alcoholic, schizophrenic, delinquent and dyslexic.  More likely to have Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis and mental disabilities.

Left-handedness has been called, mancinism, sinistromanuality, and backhandedness, skivvy-handed, scrum my-handed, baggy-fisted, cawk-fisted, gobble-fisted, southpaw, cunny and bullock-handed.

An itchy left hand indicates you will lose money. Right, you will receive money.

On the down side, lefties reach sexual maturity later than right-handed people.

Lefties overall are more quieter, calmer than their right hand counterparts.  When a left-handed person draws a picture of people they usually face right.  Left-handers are more likely to be dyslexic and stutter. 25% of all Apollo astronauts were left-handers. Left-handers can transfer information quicker making lefties more capable of multiple stimuli using both sides of the brain which makes a better video game player.

Not too many products are made for left handed people, such as scissors and knives, musical instruments, etc. but this is changing.   A huge market is now being exploited.

Some left-handed bizarre info: Lefties can see underwater better, less likely to be able to roll their R's, nails grow faster on the left hand. Lefties can recover from strokes faster. 

There are 1447 English words that can be typed solely with the left hand, while only 187 words are typed solely with the right hand.  

Lets face it! We are left-handed people living in a right-handed world.  Which means dick-all. 4 out of 5 people that worked on the MacIntosh Computer were lefties.

To wrap it up, lefties are more intelligent, better looking, more imaginative and more talented than our counter parts - The righties!

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