Improper Shoes, the Cause of Most Falls

The feet scientists have discovered... most falls happening to older people are due to wearing the wrong pair of shoes. Shoes that were selected for protection from falling in the first place.

Shoes the cause of most falls.

You'd think it would be high heels but in a study, 70% of older people who fell, were wearing runners, oxfords and loafers. Shoes considered sturdy and safe. It surprised the scientists, that shoes were the cause of most of the falls. The scientists concluded, many of the falls could have been prevented simply by changing one's shoes.

I wear running shoes most of the time. The same ones, I've been wearing for the last couple of years. Barely, a sole. Broken laces. The white not white anymore. An accident waiting to happen.

Here are some hints that your shoes may not be the right ones for you.

  • Avoid wearing shoes and slippers that are loose or ill-fitting
  • Never wear shoes with slippery or worn out soles
  • Avoid shoes with smooth leather and plastic soles
  • When walking on carpets, avoid shoes with heavy rubber lugs that can get caught 
  • The rubber tip on the toes of some running shoes get caught on rugs
  • Too much cushioning can feel like you are walking on air, but can make you unstable and should be avoided.
  • Shoes that tie are adjustable and safer than slip-ons  

Not one of the scientists doing the study suggested that old people should watch where their walking. That might help prevent a few falls.

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