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Google Blogger for Dummies

Another book in the series "For Dummies"
written by Susan Gunelius  

Me! a dummy? I couldn't pass on this book.  I've been searching for a book on blogging and here it was waiting for me at the library. Not the easiest books (about blogging) to find, but now I know what to look for and I'm finding tons of resources for blogging.

I wish I would have found this book when I was first starting out in the blog world. Like most people I started out green, knowing nothing of the workings of a blog.

This book starts you off from scratch, welcoming you to blogosphere. A brief history on blogging. The features and terms of Blogger and Google. Starting, managing, and networking. Templates, tools and all the wizardry of blogging.  To posting, to all you'll need to have a successful blog. Using Google to your advantage and growing an audience.   

Nothing I don't already know, more like a refresher course. I'm well on my way.  Even though it was copywritten in 2009 it still has relevance today.  Basic!

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About the author:

Susan Gunelius is a marketing expert, writer, copy writer, an author, consultant and now a full time blogger, who added blogging to her skill set.  She writes a company blog, a personal blog, and a guide for About.com.  She has authored two books:  Harry Potter.  The Story of a Global Business Phenomenon and Kick-ass Copywriting in 10 easy steps.

ISBN: 978-0-470-40742-4 
Copyright 2009

Like most of the books I read, this one came from the Surrey Public Library. On the shelf Books We Liked

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