Feet Get Bigger as You Age

Flat Foot (Falling Arches)
makes feet bigger,wider

Human's are like elephants. 

The next time you're at the zoo, have a look at the elephant's feet. Especially noticeable when they walk! All that weight on their feet, flattens them out. Makes them bigger as they spread their weight on them.  

Along with ear lobes and noses, feet get bigger as you age. They flatten out.  Our enemy gravity, the culprit. Bones and joints don't work properly, ligaments lose elasticity. Years and years wearing the wrong shoes, ankles naturally dropping inward and the fat padding on the soles, thinning. The major tendon along the bottom of the foot stretches and you lose the arch. Hence, falling arches.

The correct shoe size is important.  Too tight and you cut off circulation. 

Shoe size and social insurance number are numbers most remembered by seniors. The problem is; the shoe size remembered is the size worn thirty years earlier. Old people still shop for shoes in sizes they once wore when they were in their twenties. See the problem? 

The feet scientists did a study and found only 1/4 of seniors were wearing the right size shoes. 

There's really nothing you can due to prevent ageing, but you can wear the proper size shoes, with the proper amount of support and cushioning to help you along the way. 

Keep on walking,

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