The Maimed

by Hermann Unbar
translated by Mike Mitchell

A bizarre story of a man,
named Franz Polzer.  

Polzer has problems with OCD. Obsessive, compulsive disorder. He is always counting things. Afraid he is being robbed. His life full of routines.

He lives with his oversexed landlady. After accepting a gift of clothing to wear to work as a bank clerk, his one and only job. He's offered a promotion but his fears intervene.  

I found this book hard to follow, probably due to the translation from German to English.

Hermann Ungar the author was a German-speaking Jew living in Moravia. (1893-1929) Forgotten about after the war, until the French translation of the book surfaced.  

Hard to read and keep track. If you can get over the names of the characters, and can follow who is speaking at the time, you'll do fine. I got lost a few times.

The ending is as bizarre as the characters. Out of the blue, I never expected it, even though it's hinted throughout the book. A great twist!

I'd give this book four out of five stars.


Paper back $10.79
ISBN  1-903517-10-9

Dog Brindle

Like most of the books I read, this one came from the Surrey Public Library.

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Paper back $10.79
ISBN  1-903517-10-9

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