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The Lost Weekend an Autobiographical Novel

A Classic

Charles Jackson
a one hit wonder.

Wrote the autobiographical novel "The Lost Weekend"  A book of  alcoholism and addiction, in 1944.

Five days in the life of an alcoholic, Don Birnam.
The book was deemed a failure when written. Simon & Schuster rejected it, the Great War was happening! Who the hell cared about a drunk!

It surprised everyone, when in the first five years, it had sold a half million copies. Beginning writers take heed.  

Don't Let Rejection Stop You!

Billy Wilder
Unbeknownst to him.  Hedda Hopper reviewed it.  Things took off from there.  MGM scooped it up with Ray Milland starring as Don Birnam, in an Oscar Winning Performance, produced by Billy Wilder.  It won 4 Academy Awards.

Alcoholism wasn't much talked about in public!

Lucky for me, I don't remember seeing the movie, and if I had it didn't impress me much, or I would have remembered.
I really don't see what Billy Wilder found so fascinating about this story to go: ga ga enough to make a movie.

Then, I think...

Those were different times. Alcoholism wasn't much talked about in public.  One of those scourges that were swept under the table in the first half of the nineteen hundreds, especially in America.

The story opens in New York City. Don's brother "Wick" is packing his luggage for a weekend trip. He was perplexed knowing he would be leaving Don an alcoholic, alone at home... and goes from there.   

I would suggest, even though, this book is thought of, as a classic; go see the movie, first! You may not want to read the book! The first half of the book is slow waking up during the second half, so persevere, if you decide to read it. The movie is now a classic also.

I enjoyed the book!  
I give it Four Stars Out of Five  *****

Dog Brindle

Like most of the books, this one came from the Surrey Public Library.

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