The Black Widow - Melissa Ann Shepard

She's going down...

That's Melissa Ann Shepard.  
The 78-year-old woman dubbed, 

" The Black Widow "  

She's the gal that tried to poison her husband Fred Weeks another old timer, he is 75. Just two days after marrying him, (later annulled), she laced his food with a tranquillizer,
BenzodiazpineOften referred to as BZD on the street. A psychoactive drug that enhances sleep, used for treating insomnia. Long term effects make you paranoid, agoraphobic, difficulty with thinking. 

 *I'm not sure what she was trying to do, but it didn't work.  

She probably was thinking, I'll make it look like the old guy's going batty, and I'll get complete control over his bank account. She was neglecting him, failing to provide the basics of life. I'm not going to dwell to deep into that subject, but the man was bedridden.  Visualize!

  • In 1991, she was convicted of manslaughter (she got 2 years) for killing her then husband, Gordon Stewart. She ran over him in her car, back and forth, on a deserted road in the backwoods of Nova Scotia. He was found to have drugs in his system.
  • In 2000, she married Robert Friedrich while on a Christian retreat in Florida.  He started getting sick, and his money started to vanish. He died two years later of a cardiac arrest. No one was charged, but... you would have thought they would have exhumed the body, and done tests.  
  • In 2005, she went to jail for 5yrs. for grand theft, stealing from another senior, a boyfriend, Alex Strategos. Plus, two counts of forgery. Stealing about $20,000. from him. Let me repeat that 5 yrs. for stealing and for murdering someone, 2 yrs.  
  • And then there is good old 75 yr. old Fred. Left with memory loss. They were on their honeymoon, vacationing in New Foundland, finally staying at an Inn, near Sydney Nova Scotia on their way home because Fred was feeling sick. This is where the dirty deed was to take place.  The final sting of the Black Widow.  But he didn't die, to Melissa's dismay.           

Judge Joseph Kennedy - pronounced judgement...

You Melissa Ann Shepard have been found guilty of trying to kill your husband. I sentence you to 3.5 years, in the slammer, but that will be reduced for time served in pretrial custody. In other words. I'm going to give you a slap on the wrist and letting you walk.  Don't do it again!

Melissa Ann Shepard - The Black Widow - responds to sentencing...

Thank you your Honour.  I won't, I promise.

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