She's All Grew Up!


Finally, Donald Trump. The Brand has hit Vancouver.

Trump announces

A new 63 story building

"The Vancouver Trump International Hotel & Tower"

Along with his sons Donald Jr. and Eric, and his lovely daughter Ivanka. I knew it wouldn't take long.  Today, Donald Trump announced his involvement in a new project. An Arthur Erickson, $360 million, 63 storey mixed-use, condo and hotel property at the West Georgia site between Thurlow and Bute. Now a vacant lot and has been for years.

The site does have ghosts, though!

Failed ventures and such.
but this...
Proposed artists conception of the new  Vancouver Trump Tower

As my grandmother would have said.  

"She's all grew up!"

Meaning: You wouldn't recognize Vancouver, it's changing so fast like children seem to do.

The Donald Trump Brand

The Donald Trump Brand has hit Vancouver.  Trumps involvement is not clear, yet!  

But to me.  It's all in the Brand.  Those condos are going to sell like hot cakes with his name on it, screaming classy. 

"Donald's Way"

"Chintzy; statues of nude women, gold guilded mirrors, crystal chandeliers, luxury bar and spa, valet parking, doorman, concierge that sort of thing."  

Not for the normal Canadian.  No one has that kind of money. Which begs the question.  Who's going to be buying these new condos?  

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