Remembering Big

My first Kindle purchase:

Rick Watson's first Book available on Kindle

Remembering Big

Ponderings & Reflections 

of a Sloss Holler Scholar

by Rick Watson

A companion book to Life Happens.  Rick's other book.

I knew I wouldn't be disappointed, since I had already read Life Happens, and knew what to expect.  If you read my review, on that book, you would know how much I raved about it. 

A daybook, an organizer, a chronicle, a log...annal??

Life in the deep South, Alabama. A diary of sorts. In a way, an autobiography. His musings, his recollections...

Growing up in a happy family. Going to school, his fast muscle cars, guitars. He's green, a tree hugger, a man loving life and his wife Jilda.

Again they both have blogs. Life 101 headed by Rick and Transformation Information headed by his wife Jilda.
Good blogs, wholesome, two individuals on like terms.

Rick and I, are of similar age. So... I can relate, to many of his experiences, "kinda" similar to mine. Except I never got a "thrashing" with the hickory stick.
It makes me laugh the way he tells it! Can't do that now-a-days!

The people may be different, the locations might as well be on the other side of the Earth. I never had to enlist, but it still makes me wonder how many other guys, just like us, are going and have gone through, many of the same experiences as we have? More than I can imagine, I suppose. Some scientist should do a study on that!

I too, had that muscle car, mine an Olds, then a Ford Torino. I knew squat on how to fix it, I just drove it. 

I too, had the grandmother with the general store. I loved that store! 

Instead of my father teaching us kids to cuss it was my mother. She was good at it. People might call that verbal abuse these days. lol. I laugh now!

Playing the guitar with my dad when he wasn't fixing cars out in the backyard, like Rick. But... no doubt playing much better guitar than me. That brought back a lot of memories. Sitting around the living room jamming. I really never did learn how to play well, I could never get past the ends of my fingers hurting every time. So, I gave up and now I tap the ivories on the "Ole Keyboard" not very well.

Taking care of the garden, the weather, those southern rain storms, the humidity. Presents at Xmas under the tree. Halloween, all the candy. Riding bicycles, never getting lost.

Those hot southern summers nights sitting on the porch, with friends and family. Simple things.

Childhood, growing up and ageing all in one book, not to mention, the dogs.

In other words living life.

I highly recommend this book along with Life Happens. It's easy reading all the way through. One of those books you can pick-up. Read a chapter then put away until next time.

I hate to say this, but good washroom reading material. Read a chapter then get off the pot! Maybe someday everyone's bathroom will be Kindle'ized.

Short, human bite size stories. That's what I liked!  That's how Rick see's'em.

Totally enjoyable.

If you're interested in some good old fashion talk, to stir your memories. This book is for you. You don't have to be from the south.

I give it five stars  *****  out of five stars.

And hey! It's a Kindle book. What more can you ask. True southern hospitality.

Dog Brindle

Only $2.99 from Amazon. 
ISBN 1-57571-021-8

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