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Reading Books on the Computer

It's hard to read a book on lap a top computer


How I wish I had a Kindle!

I don't have a Kindle, so never thought I could read a Kindle Book, without using a Kindle device. I was surprised when someone told me I didn't need one. That I could download it to my lap top computer and read it from there.  


I admit I'm one of the slowest, inept, computer user, to hit the web.

This was my first Kindle Purchase.  So, when I'm finished. I'll review it. 

Watch for it, coming soon and from what I've read so far, favourable:

Remembering Big 

Written By Rick Watson

I'm enjoying this book.  But without a Kindle or other portable device, reading for long periods of time is hard on a guy's neck.

I do plan to get a portable device soon. 
But since I'm on a limited income. Limited: meaning I'm broke. Squatting on private property, living in a tent, on the dole, collecting pop bottles.   

Maybe the manufacturer will send me one. For free!!!  I'm plugging their product.  Why not!

Who knows.

I'd love the convenience!

Dog Brindle

This one seems nice...

Amazon Kindle logo.svg
Amazon Kindle 3.JPG
A third generation Kindle (now known as "Kindle Keyboard") in graphite color
Product familyKindle
TypeE-book reader
Release dateNovember 19, 2007
Introductory price$399

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