The date, June 7,1998. Fifteen years ago today.

Jasper, Texas

The Day James Byrd Jr. 

Was Murdered

Shawn yelled from the driver's window. "Hop on. We're going your way!" 

There was no room up in the cab, Larry and John had already claimed those seats.

James threw his bag in the back, and hopped in the box. They were all acquainted. He sat ducked behind the cab, his head leaning against the back slider window of the pick-up, out of the wind. They drove away.

James was older (49) and black. 

Shawn Berry, (24) Lawrence Russell Brewer (31) and John King (23) were white. 



They tied him up and slit his throat.

Instead of taking him home, they lynched him. Tied him up and slit his throat. Then dragged him behind the pickup truck using a chain, scattering his body parts. A leg here. An arm there.  

In the end, a skinless round shank piece of meat. Limbless! He was conscious during the whole ordeal until he hit a curb and his head and last arm flew off. 

Aware throughout the whole ordeal

They did tests to determine that and it was found to be true. (Forensic stuff)

Which made the crime all the more horrendous.

That was the murder of
James Byrd Jr. June 7, 1998. They dumped his body later in front of a Black Cemetery, in Jasper.

Larry and John got the death penalty. Larry already executed by lethal injection. John, on death row waiting for his conviction to be carried out and Shawn, life, with no chance of parole until June 7, 2038. 

He married girlfriend, Christie Marcontell by proxy. They have one child, together.

Lawrence Brewer, has no regrets 

With no regrets. Would gladly do it all over again. 

"Regardless of the outcome of this we have made history.  Death before dishonor.  Sieg Heil!"
Lawrence Brewer

Makes you wonder, doesn't it? 
Four lives lost, the heart aches of the families. 

Hate is such a terrible emotion. It makes no sense...  does it? 

Dog Brindle

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