Fag, the same as the "N" word.

This blog was originally posted in a gay and lesbian community.
But... I feel this pertains to everyone.

Your teen age son comes running home from school, crying.  He's 14 yrs. old.

You know he is gay, you've known it for a long time.
You have repeatedly told him, that it's okay.  You still love him.
That there is nothing wrong with him.  It is perfectly natural.

He tells you other kids at school have been calling him a fag.

fag  |fag|noun informal, derogatorya male homosexual.
Isn't this the same as the "N" word?
Do you tell him it's just a word?  Means nothing!   Turn the other cheek.
I've heard many people calling others a "Fag" on G+ and it alarms me!
Is this normal or am I just being "A Fag" bringing it up.  In light of what Paula Deen has said recently, I'd have to say name calling is not acceptable.   Fag should join the "N" word and not be spoken again.

It hurts, people.  Infact, any name calling hurts.
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Anonymous said...

Good post and so very true.