Electric Car Refueling Station

I'm going to the library.

The library is located in a mall. Guildford Mall in Surrey.
One of the prerequisites to living in Surrey is you have to drive. It's a car friendly community, since Surrey covers a vast distance.
One of the largest cities in Canada, area wise.

I had to drive around the lot to find a parking spot. The way it normally is on a Saturday afternoon. It was packed. Shoppers everywhere.

The only spot vacant (as you guessed it) was next to the library exactly where I was headed. A special spot designated for electric cars. A refueling station.

I dared not park my gas guzzler in that spot so I drove around, spent another $5 bucks on gas, looking for an empty spot. By the time I found one, ten minutes had passed. I parked, got out and walked half a mile to the library, another five minutes. The spot was still empty as I walked passed.  

I went into the library, selected a few books, it took about 1/2 hr. When I came out and was walking back to my gas eater, I noticed the spot was still vacant.

My question. Where are all the electric cars? 

I've thought of this idea. A eureka moment.

I'd buy an electric car. Park it at the mall every night. Charge it up for free.  Drive around all day. Return to the vacant spot in the evening. Charge all night for free then drive around all day again. Without ever having to fill the tank with gas.

I've even heard they now have these stations all the way from Vancouver to San Diego, at intermittent intervals.
So I could go on a vacation and not have to pay a cent.  How good is that?

Now, all I have to do is get some money together and buy that new electric car.   I checked the prices and did the math. Of course I'd be saving big bucks. The average electric car now-a-days gets 24.8 mpg. Not bad.

For the present. I'll be driving my gas guzzler. The good news the prices of these electric cars are coming down, that coveted parking spot will soon be mine.

I have a feeling, even though this one is hardly used now, we will be seeing more of them as demand increases.

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