Donald Duck Turns 99 Today!

I don't believe it!
This guy never ages.

Donald Fauntleroy Duck
(his full name)
turned 99 today. Debut June 9, 1934 and considering he was around twenty years of age then, makes him 99 today. (not verifiable, possible he's older)

There is an on going dispute over his real birthdate, some say it was a rainy night, on March 13/34.  Reference to a cartoon "Donald's Happy Birthday" with a calendar on the wall, in the background, the date says, March 13, and a licence plate number 313 in another few cartoons.  

One of Disney's most beloved and prolific characters, Donald Duck. Over 150 cartoons.

I remember watching the Walt Disney Show on television. During the 50's and 60's. Heck, sometimes I'll stop today and watch. Donald Duck is Mickey Mouse's best friend, and one of Disney's most beloved characters.

His first appearance was in a cartoon called "The Wise Little Hen" not as the star but in a supporting role. June 9, 1934. Porky Pig had the star role.


I was the only kid in the neighbourhood who could do a Donald Duck impersonation.  I loved it when Donald would go into one of his rants losing his temper, with his mischievous nephews, Huey, Louie and Dewey, his millionaire uncle, Scrooge McDuck, and his girlfriend Daisy Duck.  They all live in Duckburg. 

He co-starred with Daffy Duck, his rival from Warner Bros. 

That movie was "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"  

He co-starred with Mickey Mouse in "House of Mouse"

Donald caused a stir, when he called Daffy Duck a "nitwit" on the big screen.  When Donald said it, he lisped as he usually did, it sounded like Donald was calling Daffy a "nigger."  Ruffling a few feathers so to speak.  In actuality, he says "little."  They put in sub-titles for that scene, so not to confuse people.

Remember, his lisp? 

There's a daily newspaper comic strip of him, still going today, since 1938.  In 1940 he surpassed Mickey in cartoons reaching theatres.  Clarence Nash was the original Donald voice.

People just can't get enough of this silly old goose...

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