Do angels come to get you when you die?

The Death Bed

I was talking to my friend the other day...

He was telling me, that he was at a friends side, while he lay in his death bed. At the exact time his friend passed away. There were about five people in the room at the time. The man's partner, his mother, his sister and two friends. He was one of those friends.

His sister had just arrived, within hours before his passing. She hadn't seen her brother in decades and was shocked at his appearance during their initial meeting. He was laying in the hospital bed,  still young, in his fifties but that day a living shadow of a man. A frail man, dying of Cancer. Unrecognizable, at first. His sister cried at his sight.  

He recognized her immediately and a smile crossed his face. It was time.

He had no pain. The drugs took care of that. 

My friend was on one side of the bed, the sister on the other. They each had a hold of a hand. The mother sat behind her daughter, and was leaning on her daughters shoulder. The partner, his arm across his lovers legs, his head down, sobbing. His other friend, stood at the foot of the bed, a forlorn look on his face. His hands folded in front of him.  

Suddenly... the closed door, unlatched and clicked open, then stopped slightly ajar. Everyone looked at one another, puzzled.

His friend passed exactly after that happen. My friend felt the life leave his hand. 

Seconds later the door slammed closed.  They all looked, surprised again, then glanced back down to the body. Here he was staring, eyes wide, at the door.

Does and angel come to get you when you die?

This brings up a lot of questions.

  • Why did the door, a hospital door, open exactly at the time he died?  The type you push down on the handle and the door opens. 
  • Why did the door, slam shut? After the person died.
  • What was his friend looking at, near the door?

Could it be, an angel came to get him?  

I'd like to believe, that.

You can believe what you want!  

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