Climates - Extrême Jalousie

I use to hate, hate, hate Romance Novels.
But I loved this one.

A book review.


written by André Maurois,
(A French author, 1885 -1967)

It is now, one of my all time favourites. 

One of the nicest, easiest to read novels with the characters perfectly conceived and demonstrated and that's no guff!

Romance or not!  I may even change my mind. Maybe deep down inside, I really do like Romance Novels.

This novel deals more with character than action.  

Two main characters  

The first half of the story is told by Philippe Marcenat.  Who becomes suspicious of his wife, Odile Malet.  The second half of the story is told by Isabelle, his second wife, who then becomes jealous and suspicious of Philippe.

Other Characters

Odile's lover, François.

Philippe's lover, Isabelle.

Jealousy, the scourge of the emotions.

Have you not been jealous before?  Not too many people can say they haven't.

Most people acknowledge the emotion of jealousy and have had first hand experience with it, and they know it's not very pleasant.  I know, I have.  From both prospectives. As the one being jealous and the one who's been, at the blunt of someone's else's jealousy.

As I get older. Jealousy seems so fleeting and destructive that you want to forget those times and has waned in my psyche. I no longer get as jealous as I once did.  I have no need.

This book, makes me realize how foolish I was.  I'm embarrassed.  As I'm sure you will be after reading, Climates.

I'm going to give this novel two thumbs up.  I'd give it three if I had another one.

Once again, the best read ever.
(A French author, 1885 -1967)

It is now, one of my all time favourites. 

Dog Brindle

Like most of the books I read, this one was on the "Books We Liked"  shelf at the Surrey Public Library.

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