Black War - Bonnet

The MacHugh Memoirs
1795- 1798  
One of a series.
From the earliest known volume of the memoirs.

written by 
James L. McWilliams

Black War - Bonnet

A Book Review

You won't find this Book on Amazon. or Goodreads nor Googlebooks.

I've googled it. 

The title. Nothing

The author. He has a web site. Local. Vancouver area. A bagpiper.

No ISBN number.

I found it on a shelf at Surrey's Public Library. A shelf they have appropriately named: 

"Books we liked" 

The book chronicles the life of Rory MacHugh born Jan 1/1782. A fictitious story based on fact. 

When you open the book to Chapter 1 
The Cypress Hills - July, 1795 the first thing you see is this pencil drawing of an Indian bust. The caption under the drawing reads. "Kills Twice, 1797"

That must be an American Indian! I find out it is. Blackfoot! That's his Indian Name, Kills Twice.  I imagine he killed two people in 1797. 

You're immediately intrigued, so you read on. The next five paragraphs leave you sitting on the edge of your seat. 
A 13 yr. old boy is kidnapped by a marauding tribe of Blackfoot Indians.
Becomes a Blackfoot warrior and avenges to find his fathers murderer.
The story escalates from there.


If you think you might like to read this book, and can't find it.  Go to your local library and order it. Tell them you know where there is a copy. Like most of the books, this one came from the Surrey Public Library You can always go straight to James L. McWilliams web site and order it from there, $20.

Very well researched!

An easy to read. In a way the style almost condescending in a haughty kind of way. Surely intended for a younger, male audience. Scalping and hatching one another.  


Little boys like that kind of thing.  At least they did when I was a kid. 

James L. McWilliams is a military historian, author, and bagpiper for the Great Highland Bagpipers. 

Other Books by this author:

  • The Suicide Battalion
  • Gas! The Battle for Ypres, 1915
  • Amiens: Dawn of Victory
  • A Pipers World
  • The Fugitives: The MacHugh Memoirs - 1810

I'd give this book a five star rating.  For history alone!

***** Five Stars

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