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I recently received a G+ message about circling people. What do you think of this for a tag line?  

"Loves Life and Lives to Love"

Corny right?  Could you think of anything better?

Adding people to Circles in G+

The introduction:

I'm a human being with thoughts and feelings just like you.

The content:

Feel free to circle me, but if you want me to circle you back, there should be at least:
  • some information on your profile (not only where you're from and your profession) and/or public posts that can serve to get a feeling of who you are and what your interests are.
  • a profile pic. I don't circle blueheads, unless they posted interesting quality posts. But you have a hard time even getting me to look at your profile, if there's no profile pic. So don't be shy. I don't judge someone by their looks.
The easiest way for getting me to circle you back, is interacting with me, in a sensible and respectful way. I love compliments, but schmoozing me alone won't do the trick. I'm sure you have a lot more to offer than this. Show me your brains and wit, your feelings and thoughts, and you'll have me.

I post from a variety of interests. You may like it or not.  

I like witty jokes and funny things, because I love to laugh out loud (lol) Once in a while a giggle can be perfect, too. (hee hee)

Sounds like something I would say, my hats off to this guy. Whoever you are! 

He didn't leave a picture of himself. So, I didn't circle him.

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