A Message in a Bottle...

A Message in a Bottle is a form of communication, the same as mailing a letter, or calling a friend on the telephone. 

Since we are on the computer,

Slower than snail mail.

You drop a message into a glass bottle and throw it into the sea or the ocean, then you wait for a response.

It's not reliable, and slower than snail mail.

You can't rely on it getting to the right person or even the right country, within a time schedule.  

It was used in ancient Greek history, to track ocean currents, especially the incoming tide to the Mediterranean Sea, from the Atlantic Ocean.

Punishable by death if you found one and opened it, during the 16th Century.
They contained strategic naval military intelligence.  Top Secret stuff!

If it said,"Discovered gold, dated 1854 or so, and a map I might be happy."

I've often wondered, what would I do if I found one, floating in with the tide, beached in the sand down on the banks of the mighty Fraser River. If it said, "Discovered gold, dated 1854 or so, and a map I might be happy."

If payment has been made please disregard this notice.

My luck, I'd find a bottle with last months, Visa bill, rolled up inside and guess who's name would be on it!  Yours truly. The message in the bottle, "Please Pay the Overdue Amount to avoid any disruptions, with your account. If payment has been made please disregard this notice."

Christopher Columbus used a message in a bottle, to be passed to Queen of Castile, about his discovery of the new world. Just in case he didn't make it back to tell her himself. The sealed flask was to be taken to the Queen immediately upon discovery. I wonder if someone ever found it? It may have, but never reported. Of course, that would have to be verified but I've never heard of anyone ever finding a hand written note in a bottle by Christopher Columbus.

There is one reported case of a shipwreck reported by Chunosuke Matsuyama in 1784, posted in a bottle and sent adrift, to be found by someone collecting seaweed. The odd part of this story is the bottle was found washed up on the beach where Chunosuke was born, in 1935. Aye! How odd is that?

Here is something recent. In 2005, 88 shipwrecked migrants were saved, when they tied a bottle with a message, to a passing fishing boats line. When the fishermen reeled in their nets they found the bottle and the note and notified authorities, thus saving them.

Message in a Bottle

One of my favourite songs of all time. Message in a Bottle - A 1979 Song by The Police. The story of a castaway on a deserted island who sends a message in a bottle to seek... What else LOVE!

I believe I've done it myself. Put a message in a bottle. I forget about what, the story mean! Threw it out into Hamilton Bay as a teenager. I grew up in Hamiton. It didn't float. It sank, or broke on a rock. I can't remember which! About my undying love for the girl down the street. Or was it her brother, I can't remember!

I think I'll go for a walk down by the river.  Take the dogs!

Dog Brindle


Message in a Bottle from 1915 Discovered off Harsens Island Near Detroit, Michigan

1915 Message in a Bottle Discovered near Detroit
Last June diver Dave Leander discovered a message in a bottle nearly a century old in the waters off Harsens Island near Detroit. The message read “Having a good time at Tashmoo,” a reference to an amusement park that was a popular attraction on the island in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The message was signed by two Detroit girls, Selina Pramstaller and Tillie Esper, and was dated June 30, 1915. Historians are now trying to track down the descendants of the girls.
1915 Message in a Bottle Discovered near Detroit
photos by Kathleen Gilligan for Detroit Free Press

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