You've Won A Million Dollars

What do you do?

Finally, after twenty-five years.

You've finally Won.

Here's 10 Things for you to do first:
  1. Sign the ticket. If a man (hide from wife), if the wife (hide on husband) if child of said parents, run away from home. (they'll come looking for you so move far away.)
  2. Tell no one, except the people at the lottery foundation when you go cash the ticket.  Don't forget to bring ID. and try to remember where the hell you bought the ticket.  (They ask!)  I don't know what they would do if you couldn't remember where you purchased it!
  3. Clean yourself up!  Don't go with you hair in curlers, or bed hair. (They take pictures)
  4. Don't drive yourself, you'll be to excited.  Bring your lawyer. (but watch him) Call a cab or better yet, call a limousine to come pick you up and take you to the lottery office, then to the bank.(ask to speak to the manager, he'll be kissing your ass when he finds out you're going to deposit a million bucks.)
  5. Cash ticket as soon as possible and ask Bank Manager to put half in Swiss Account. (just in case)
  6. Call ticket agency and book tickets for two for that dream trip you've always dreamt about.
  7. Run home pack, all you'll need is a pair of flip flops and your bathing suit.  Don't forget to leave note on fridge telling the kids to "Feed Dogs"
  8. Tell limo driver to stop at a dollar store on your way to the airport, so you can pick up a new pair of sunglasses. (throw out old toothbrush and hairbrush, combs etc. you won't be needing those anymore.)
  9. Swear to yourself you are going to quit smoking and drinking. (You want to live as long as possible, now.  Before you didn't give a shit!)
  10. Call your blogger friend Mike. Ask him if he wants to come with you. You'll pay. (Wait for answer)  If no answer, call back in ten.

I'll be ready, packed and waiting at the door for you to pick me up.

Dog Brindle

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