A Memoir of Hysterical Proportions

written by David Garber


I had the privilege of reading David Garber's new book; Hollywood Huckster, A Memoir of Hysterical Proportions. Non fiction.

I took my time. Reading each chapter.
All thirty-three.  Each chapter basically a synopsis of the writers platform, for a new television show being promoted with some big wig at one of the huge Hollywood studios.

Analyzing it, letting it sink in. Dreaming. Moving on to the next chapter. Dreaming again, analyzing it, letting it sink in. Dreaming some more.


A Memoir of Hysterical Proportions

A writers dream. Or a writer's nightmare? 

The late seventies. The place Hollywood. Drugs, Sex, Rock & Roll keywords of the day. 

Two writers, pair up to make a comedy writing team.  The author, David Garber and Kevin Hartigan.

One of my dreams as a young man.  Run away to Hollywood and become a writer for television.  Become a Rob Petrie, a head writer, a success, make tons and tons of money. 

But like most dreams they fade away...

Then comes along a book to awaken those sleepy memories. Hollywood Huckster.  Hob-knobbing with the likes of Bill Cosby, Aaron Spelling, Johnny Carson, Jack Benny, the list goes on and on...
Writing for television shows like; Mash, Magnum PI, The Bill Cosby Show, Sanford and Son's... 
I couldn't possibly name them all.  David's list of credits are impeccably endless. 

My dreams have been shattered, as I read one interview after another.  The devious deals being made, the back stabbing, the trickery.  

I never realized how competitive a Hollywood writer has to be.  The weak do not survive, in this celluloid jungle.
Where no one is safe, a replacement at the door?  The pressure.  I wouldn't have survived.  It takes a special breed, one like Kevin Hartigan and David Garber.  David the straight man, the typist, Kevin the jokester, who never typed a page in his life.  Opposites! A team.

Easy light reading, you'll like Dave's congenial personality, he invites you into his writing life, almost like being there, a friend.

But most important, it's entertaining and funny! An uplifting story. A story of life's struggles and plateaus.

I enjoyed it and highly recommend it.

I'd give it two thumbs up or five stars.
Destined for the best sellers table.

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Let me introduce you to the author David Garber. 

David Garber

Writer/Producer, Author

David Garber is an award winning television and film writer in Los Angeles. He’s received the TV Critics Award, the prestigious Prism Award for outstanding television writing as well as having produced the International Emmy Award winning television series, "My Secret Identity."
His other credits include, Saved by the Bell, The Fall Guy, Magnum P.I., The Power Rangers, MASH, The Tonight Show, 227, and The Bill Cosby Show.

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