Death My Own Way

written by 

Michael S.A. Graziano

A Book Review

Death My Own Way

A man decides to take his clothes off and enter Central Park!

Sound strange?

If not strange, how about, at night?

No, still not strange enough?
He has a lump in his stomach.  
The size of his fist.  He has cancer.

Damn good.  Right?  I had to read on.

He is searching for the meaning of life. Through the events, that unfold during the night, meeting an array of different characters and situations, he finds it. 

I'd call this story a psychological thriller, 
in a philosophical way.  
Articulately crafted.  
Perfect prose.
One big metaphor.

After reading it, 
I decided it was full of flaws.  
Not very realistic.  
A man naked in the park. 
(not that it doesn't happen)
A friendly cop, who leaves him alone. Naked in the park?  
This is in New York City.
(I don't think so!)

He gets beat up, there's an incident with a woman, he meets a group of derelicts and they befriend him.  
Does that sound realistic?

Searching for the meaning of life?  Naked in the park?

Because of that, as I turned every page I was looking for flaws.

I have to admit I did enjoy it, 
besides the flaws.  
I wonder how Michael researched this.  I'm sure it wasn't from personal experience.
A little unbelievable.  Humorous at times.

I'd give it 4 stars.  A good quick read.

Like most of the books I read, this one was on the "Books We Liked"  shelf at the Surrey Public Library.

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