The Oldest Living Thing

I was looking at this picture hanging 
on the wall today,
between my kitchen and the living room.

I've looked at it a million times.

The title,

"The Oldest Living Thing" 

in faint lettering at the bottom.

I love old pictures like this 
that's why I bought it!

It doesn't say where it is, or where it came from.

No credit to the photographer.

The photo looked like it was taken either in the 30's, or 40's 
and framed in that era.   A garage sale find.  A couple of bucks.
It's been hanging in the same spot for at least 10 years, now.

 On closer inspection.  
A picture of a huge tree. 
You could have driven a car through it, 
it was that big. 
See, the horse standing in front of it.
It blends with the tree, easily missed.
Proves how big the tree was.
Obviously from an Old Growth Forest,
A Douglas Fir, 
or a Giant from the Redwood Forest of California.

Probably a thousand years old 
when this picture was taken. 
And the shot could have been taken here, locally.

I wonder when it died. 
Was it old age? Diseased?

Or was it killed?

Where is it resting, now?

The support beam of some Buddists temple in Bali? 
scaffolding for a high rise in Japan?
Turned into matches?
Cremated in someone's fireplace?

What happened to it?

I wonder if the people responsible for it's demise, 
are still alive themselves?

And if they ever think of their actions differently, 
than they did back then.

I guess I'll never know.
There's a lot of things, I'll never know.

Those were different times.

Dog Brindle


Rick Watson said...

I spent some time around the San Francisco area a few years ago and we got a chance to see some of the redwoods.
I love this photo, but it would be good to know a little more about it, but then the story might not be as interesting as the speculation we can conjure up :)

Pseudo SudoNim said...

Thought provoking.

I adore trees