Scamming on G+

I guess the street corners aren't as lucritive as they once were.  Running out into traffic, washing windshields,
bringing in $200 - $300 a day tax free.  Acting disabled. Being drunk. Tin can held out. Fake blind man standing on corner.

I guess those days are "things of the past," now that there's a new avenue on the block, that the more sophisticated beggars can use. It's  G+  

I don't know about you, but I.  As a watchful eye, am always looking out for scammers, taking advantage of my fellow old timers and have seen a lot of begging going on. Especially on G+

With promises of this or that.  We will cite you they promise, give you honourable mentions, feature you on the back cover, a personal Skype Call to talk personally about religion, if you only donate money so they can accomplish the deed.  Who knows what they will do with your money?

Some even post specific's.  The amount to donate, with a time limit. Accepting PayPal, Visa and Master Card.  Please, Please, they beg!  In bold letters.

They use other social media platforms as well.  Such as Youtube, Facebook.  So watch out!

Using the same tactics as the Born Againers.  And it seems to be working.
The door to door, thing! Begging for money using programmed youth. 

I hope none of my fellow senior citizens, get taken, donating to someone's  personal cause for advancement.  In this case, to publish a book. 

Check out this web-site, or watch this video that's on youtube.

What do you people think?   Greed? 

I think 

"What a Scam!" 
and you don't have to be old 
to get scammed."

Shame on this man.

Where are the G+ Police when you need them? 

Hell, I want to go to Mexico.  But I'm not begging anyone for money so I can do it!

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