No Mail Delivery

I'm excited.
My new friend, Rick Watson an award winning author from the deep south.
He's sending me a book, a book he has written.  He has written two, non-fictions, Life Happens and Remembering Big.  He also has a blog which I frequent regularly.  Life 101.

I'll be surprised which book he is sending me.  Both are right up my alley. Human interest stories.  He hasn't said, which one he is sending. Hopefully I'll get to read them both.

He could have sent it over the internet but stupid me. I thought I needed a Kindle to read it.  I'm not that computer literate, yet!  Then someone informed me I could read it on the computer.  That I didn't need a Kindle to download books.

To late, he already sent it...

"Has the mail come yet!" I yell from my room.

"Not yet!" someone hollers back.

The next day...

"Has the mail come yet!" I ask peeking out the front window, eyeing the mail box.  
I hear a faint reply from the kitchen.  "Not yet!"

Something is amiss.

Canada Post is having problems.
I googled it.

and found out...

By the year 2020 Canada Post will be in debt to the tune of 1 Billion dollars. Apparently, technology is the culprit, changing the way people view the Postal Service.  Volumes of letter mail have dropped off significantly over the past decade, even though they've made money in other departments, which have kept it afloat.

Could you imagine a world 
without mail delivery?

Canada has an obligation to it's citizens to keep that mail coming.  If we want to keep receiving mail, Canadian taxpayers are going to flip the bill.  Don't fret, there are alternatives...  

  • They could raise the price for mailing a letter,  as if it's not high enough, and this would only pay for a third of the costs and only solves the problem temporarily.  
  • Speed another alternative. Do we need things at our fingertips.  There are faster ways, through the digital highways. Texting, e-mail, telephone.
  • Deliver less, every second day let's say. Or even once a week.    
  • How about the mail not being delivered directly to the door but to a corner box where you pick up your own, a community mail box.

Something is going to change.  We need that delivery service.  Why not privatize?  

I can hear everyone screaming, 

"No Way"

Back to my book that I'm waiting for...  

It's Saturday, it hasn't come.  I'll have to wait until Monday.  That's okay though.  I have all the time in the world.  I can wait.  Others might not be able too.

The mail will get through, 
as in the old 

"Pony Express" 


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