Land Border Crossing Fees

Peace Arch Border Crossing -  White Rock, Canada

If you are like me, I love going to the United States.  My neighbours go every week, down to Bellingham to shop.  I personally like going down to Las Vegas or Reno every once in awhile and I prefer driving.

We already pay $5.50 when we fly or boat into the states.

U.S. Department of Homeland Security is proposing to charge Canadians who cross at land entry points a fee.  It is only in the planning stage and went unnoticed until one of their congressman, Brian Higgins leaked it out.  The study will last nine months, and doesn't suggest how much the fee will be.

In February Canadians made 2.8 million same day car trips into the U.S.  

It seems America is using Canada to defray increasing security costs.  They don't realize we Canadians keep small American border towns alive.

Going through the border crossing is hassle, as it is, people may find it not worth the bother.  
And should we implement our own equal payment for American visitors coming to Canada.

One angry driver suggests we charge every American going to Alaska driving through Canada.  Just to pay for the upkeep of roads that need repair from their trucks and cars pounding on our pavement everyday.  That's coming into Canada and exiting Canada at the Alaskan Border and vice versa.  It would help Canada's economy.  Why not?

How about all us going to the State of Nevada, or Arizona.  If we Snowbirds decide to stay home or go else where... they can kiss their economy bye-bye.   What happens when people drive to Mexico, is the fee applicable.

To me, America is saying.  We don't want you coming down here!  We should beat them to the punch!

Charge them first, also do extra background checks, search for weapons, call in the sniffer dogs, do more strip searches and promote cavity searches especially for all NRA members.  See how they like it!  We have our own security problems to pay for.

America is alienating itself more and more.  It can only help Canada, economically.  Ha Ha.

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