Assisted Suicide - Secobarbital

To talk about Secobarbital I have to set you up first...

Whiskey My Pet Cocker

I once had an American Cocker Spaniel, his name was Whiskey, had him as a puppy. The first thing it did when we met was shit on my shoe, at that moment, I fell in love with him.

We had many a good time together. The time he got sprayed by a skunk. I lived in an apartment back then, in the West End. Can you imagine, bringing a dog, reeking of skunk into an apartment building.

I had to, I had no choice.

Like most pets. I watched him get older as he did me. He became blind, lost his teeth way before I did!  lol and he developed this itchy rash on the side of his belly that he couldn't stop "chompin" at.

It became raw and infected getting larger everyday.
There was nothing I could do to stop him from licking. Licking. Licking. The cone, the only option.

One day he rose from his bed and walked towards me, dropped like a cow would, his legs collapsing from under him.

A streak of urine ran across the floor.

I ran to him. He lay there, barely breathing. Then, as if nothing happened, he came around. I'm sure he had a heart attack but no proof, I knew what a doctor would say.

He went back to his bed, I cleaned up. This was the moment I was dreading.

I'd have to assist in his suicide.

I took him to the vet at the SPCA, they agreed and took him in back, as I filled out the paperwork. I heard him yelp. I ran around to the back and he had this tube sticking out of his leg. It must have hurt him when they stuck the needle in.

They inserted a vial, and waited for me to give the "go ahead." I nodded it's okay, gave him a kiss on the forehead and told him we'd meet again. Then looked up at the vet. I asked how long it would take. She said, "It's done." I looked down at Whiskey, his head now resting on my lap.

He was dead.

Excuse me while I go blow my nose.

Now, what was I going to say about...


The drug Secobarbital, from the barbiturate family is used as a lethal prescription in physician-assisted suicides. It has many other uses, such as a treatment for insomnia or a sedative before surgery. Secobarbital is a component of the veterinary drug Somulose, used for euthanasia of horses and cattle.

It was the most common method used for physician assisted suicide, even though still used today, in some places, other drugs like Pentobarbital have dominated this lucrative and fast growing, suicide market.   

That's all you need to know about the drug, since there is the possibility of it to be abused, a hallucinogenic.

Do kids (adults too) really do this stuff, for recreational use?

The answer is Yes.

Dog Brindle


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Martin Rice said...

I'm preparing a blog post on physician-assisted suicide that I want to publish next week. While doing a little googling I came across this post of yours.

Your story about Whiskey really reached me. Both Judy and I, separately and together, have gone through this experience with a beloved canine companion. It's very difficult. But I believe it's the right thing when the time comes. Judy once waited way too long. She hasn't been able to forgive herself since.

Good post.