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Guy Kawasaki  

Shawn Welch

Guy Kawasaki has written several bestsellers, Enchantment, What the Plus, The Art of the Start.
Shawn Welch also has written three books but in his genre. I haven't a clue what they are about, way too technical for me.

As a member of the ape Community on Google+  and since I've written my own first book.

a       g  h  o  s  t      s  t  o  r  y 

Destined to be on every book shelf in N. American and Britain.
What the heck, S. America, Australia,
Europe and the Orient. Did I mention Africa?
Amazon, Kindle, Barnes and Noble, where ever.
On every Kindle ever sold.
In every Library around the world!

I even want it reviewed on Amazon 
as many times as ape is.

Oh! Did I mention I am self-publishing.


I'm sixty-three, 
I can't wait for a traditional publisher 
to tell me I have a best seller on my hands.
Times: "they-are-a-wasting." 

Big deal, if it makes money.
That's not my motive.
All I want is a book.
A book to hold in my hands.
or a Kindle if I had one.
A story someone might like to read.
And really enjoy.
Which of course they will.

I just had too get this book. 
Everyone was raving about it. 
ape this, ape that, 
Guy this, Shawn that. 
Everyone "goo goo gaa gaaing" about them.  
Especially Guy.
I'm jealous!

ape what a strange name for a book, I thought.

So, I typed ape, in the Amazon search box 
and searched their books for ape.
There it was...
and there it was a lot cheaper on Kindle.
Almost 1/2 price.
If I had a Kindle I would have used that,
because there it was, in black and white 
a lot cheaper.

Kindle the future of books.
What? A gorilla tearing up the city. 
Is that a man in a costume 
from one of those old Japanese films.
Is that the Empire State Building in his hands.

I had to have it. I ordered it.
It came, I read, I will conquer.


The first chapter:
Question? Should you write a book?
Answer:  Umm...too late, I've already written the book. I mentioned it earlier. Remember?  

a    g h o s t    s t o r y 

Talking about putting the horse before the cart. But for someone just beginning.  He tells it like it is and then asks, man to man like, 

Will your book add value to people's lives? 

I had to ponder that question.
Yes, I said.  My book will.

He also asks, is my heart into it?

Of course.  I've been up for months, 
working late into the night, many a night.  
Hardly sleeping.
No pay, rarely showering, hardly eating.
Shunning friends.
Yes, is my answer my heart is into it.

He lists two bad reasons for writing a book,
You listen to others, 
They are saying you've got a story there, young man.
and money, bad, the root of all evil.
I don't want any of it.

Are You Kidding, Dog?

Works for me, I don't listen to anyone, and money
never had it, so I won't miss it. 

Would be nice, to have a hit, best seller.
Now that's what I want.
I'm "shooting for the stars."
I believe in myself.  

They go on to talk about Traditional Publishing which isn't new to anyone.  We all know how long it takes to get from idea-editor-publisher-to you.  Too long.

We all know they fleece the crap out of you. So, nothing new there.  There used to be a stigma about self-publishing but no more.  To be published by an established publisher would be great, but it rarely happens and I'm not waiting.  I hope you aren't either. 

Many a good book "never" got published just for this reason alone.  If a publisher doesn't like your work, it's filed into bin 13, the garbage.  More likely it sits on the corner of his desk awaiting him to read it.  Months could go by.  Like I said, I don't have time.
I have other stories I want to tell.

They explain the advantages and disadvantages of self publishing.  The escalating rise in Ebook sales.
Tools to use. Right down to what type of computer you should be using, a MacBook Air.  Not cheap.

ape starts off with, "How to write your book."  Like I said.  Too late. 
Remember:  ONE TWO ONE TWO   

But for others.  Articulately explained, along with financing, money you'll make, editing and how to avoid that self published look. Interior and cover design with lots and lots of tips.

ape also explains in depth, how it all works: online ebooks, direct sales, marketing, print-on-demand and how to sell your book, direct sales, converting files, the tools needed, testing, How to set up Pay Pal, using Smashwords, Createspace etc., uploading, pricing, audio and foreign languages, legal issues, using Amazon and other sites, building your brand name, choosing a platform, profiling and sharing on social media, blogging, finally getting reviews.

This book is jam packed full of useful dynamic information. Using the ape format.  I'm trying to follow, step by step.  

Unfortunately, I'll be doing all the work myself against ape's principles.  But you "gotta do what you gotta do." 

Easy to read, you can almost hear Guy talking as you read, and I've never heard his voice.  Strange. Plus it is explained so well, I even understand.  Any ape'r
can too!

I highly recommend this book for anyone 
self-publishing for the first time or for the one hundred time.  You will learn something that's for sure.  It's an education in itself but then... A Dog's never to old to learn new tricks.  

I'll be a monkey's uncle, I'm an ape'r.
I give it two thumbs up!

A great read.
Dog Brindle

Here's a link to ape's web page. 

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