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Chinese Signage.  Obviously they don't want our business


British Columbia


Chinese Signage Petition.

Remember Quebec, back in the 70's.  Quebecer's ordered all signage in Quebec, to be rewritten in French. Or...civil war.

I always thought Canada was a Bi-lingual Country.  French and English.
Now there's a new kid on the block.

Richmond city council has voted to let Chinese businesses advertise completely in Chinese.
1000 signatures were collected in support for signage in Richmond to use at least one of Canada's official languages, either French or English, all in vain.

Derek Dang opposes having
the sign police.
Kerry Starchuk and Anne Merdinyan collected months of photos of the Chinese only advertising and presented the photos to city council.  A packed house.  She claims non-Chinese residents, a minority, are outraged and being discriminated against and are being excluded.  

Imagine, white, protestant, guppies being discriminated against.  Is that possible in Canada?

Councilor Derek Dang said he's afraid of the backlash of racism, that non-English signs are actually rare -  he only counted three signs in strictly Chinese lettering.  

Where the hell has he been looking?

Richmonds Chamber of Commerce is not worried, "free enterprise" means businesses should make their own signage decisions.

The mayor of Richmond, Malcolm Brodie doesn't want city staffers to become the language police.

According to Statistics Canada, about 37% of Richmond's population speaks only English at home.

If you look at other communities around Vancouver, take Surrey where I live.  It's hard to find a sign in English. 

What happen to assimilation?  Weren't immigrants told Canada was French and English only. Assimilation obviously doesn't exist in Richmond.

Why not put some English or French on their signs?  Don't the Chinese want or need our business?

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