Ageing - Age Spots

Laser treatments to rid face of ageing spots.


Age Spots

Liver spots, also known as "Solar lentigo,  Lentigo senilis,  old age spots, and the senile freckle. "
Brown or grey flat circles that vary in size.  
Usually on skin that is exposed to the sun, such as back of hands, face and neck.
Common among 40+ but sometimes affects the young.

Age spots are harmless but look gruesome.

Ageing Spots

They can be lightened with cosmetics.

Nothing beats avoiding the sun in the first place using broad-spectrum sunscreen everyday.

If you have any doubts about an age spot and think it may be benign you should see your doctor.

Women seem to be more concerned with age spots.

Real men aren't afraid of a little age spot or are they?
Just stay out of the sun.

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