Reconciliation - Dorothy Speak


Author - Dorothy Speak

A Book Review

A collection of Short Stories, about life and relationships, as told by Dorothy Speak.  She uncovers all those hidden emotions that we pretend don't exist and has a knack for getting to the meat of a subject.  Believable characters.  From love to marriage, family ties and family breakups.  Disease and suffering, birth, the living and the dying,  To the mundane. 

Every strenuous protagonist easily identifiable.  Is she writing about me? You think! Of course not, but we all can relate.

Dorothy has a wonderful style, no detail left unnoticed.  Easy to read without sounding pretentious.

I truly enjoyed reading this book all fifteen chapters, everyone of them an adventure in living.

Don't expect this book to be one of those feel good books.  Most of the stories leave you a little depressed, like they are supposed too. Very thought provoking.

Mishaps, saddness and grief happen to everyone.  So everyone can relate.

I'll have to look for her other book 'The Wife Tree' when I'm at the library.

I have to give it two thumbs up.

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