Pot the Fountain of Youth

Is It True?  What a Headline.

Pot Proven to slow the ageing process

Is a ( Marijuana field ) the fountain of youth, Ponce de Leon was searching for?

Does pot hold promise for preventing—and even reversing—brain aging and possibly Alzheimer's?
It's been proven it triggers some sort of anti-oxidant, which removes damaged and dead cells.  Like a brain cleanse.

Slowing the decline in cognitive functions.

Dr. Robert Melamede Associate Professor at the University of Colorado was brought up to testify in Vernon, on the court case that involved four men accused of the "Holy Smoke Culture Shop."

He said, science has proven marijuana and cannabinoids are effective anti-ageing agents which means they are effective in minimizing the onset and the severity of age-related illnesses.  Which include cognitive dysfunction like Alzheimers, Cardiovascular disease such as heart attacks and strokes or clogged arteries.
Plus helps those with auto-immune diseases and cancer.

Melamede explained that it would take 40,000 times the therapeutic dose before cannibus will cause bodily harm.  Comparing it to aspirin which is 15 to 1.

The Judge Don Sperry joked " And you die happy."

And I agree

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