I Married You for Happiness

Lily Tuck

I Married You for Happiness

A Book Review

What is it with me lately? I'm so emotional.  
Like a little girl. 
How can a small book leave me with a tear in my eye?  
I'm a grown man.  Real men don't cry.

From the first sentence: His hand is growing cold; still she holds it.

I braced myself.  Death in the first sentence!  Look out, I thought.

To the last sentence: When he sees Nina at the bedroom window, he stops what he is doing and, straightening up tall, he waves to her.

No more tissues left in the Kleenex dispenser.

Almost makes you wanna cry, just those two sentences.  Should I continue, should I read this book.  Was I man enough.

Nina married for years, is sitting at her husbands side.  He has just died.

She waits, before calling the ambulance.  Just her and him.  She remembers the time...  a collection of memoirs, her perspective.

This story is sad, there is rarely a happy moment, but you can feel the love between the two.  Almost everyone can relate in their own way.  Mourning a death of a loved one, a part of life.

Beautifully written.  A little French thrown in for effect.  And it works setting the mood, for romance.  That's what I'd call this book.  A romance novel.

Hey, if it can make a grown man cry.

I give it two thumbs up and five stars.  

Excuse me, I have to go blow my nose.

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