Help! for Writers

Help for Writers!

by Roy Peter Clark

A Book Review of Sorts

While, I was waiting for my APE Book to be delivered, I found this book "Help for Writers" at the library.

210 Solutions to the Problems Every Writer Faces

I love these self-help books, on writing.

You've just sat down at your desk, 
You're facing your monitor, 
ready to pour your heart out.  
You've pulled up a clean white sheet of paper, 
through the magic of Pages.( or Word )on your computer.
You've gotten all compfy.  
Your fingers are resting on the keyboard.  
Your wrists are placed evenly at the desk. 
You can feel your heartbeat!
Your back is straight, 
Your feet are firmly on the floor.
You've practiced, at least a thousand times.
You've memorized, 
Your formatting. 
Your style.  
You know exactly 
what you want to say.
You've researched, 
until you've exhausted every source.
You're ready to Go! GO! GO!  GO!

You sit there, your face lit by the white screen 

You're mind just went blank.
You have writer's block.

Has that happened to you?  "I can't think of anything to write." Writers block.  You have deadlines.
This book explains how to get your act together, starting with your writing space and focusing.  The beginnings, middles and ends, in any order.  Language, drafts, procrastination.  
Roy explains how to get out of that rut, stop procrastinating, and pick up those sagging middles, those never ending, endings.  Cutting, editing, proofing and making those deadlines. Even listening to criticism.  Something we would rather not do.

I'd recommend this to all newbie writers.  Written in a personal, easy to read style.  I loved it!

I'll be back to the library to look for other books Roy has wrote, while I wait for my APE book to arrive, the week of Feb 11.  
I should get a Kindle.  

Roy Peter Clark also authored Writing Tools and The Glamour of Grammar.

Two Thumbs Up

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