Guy - Chairs

The Man Chair

The future of advertising. 

Shopping for a vehicle.

Guy - Chairs

Come on guys!  Let's face it.  We're not as young as we feel. Some of us may need a wheelchair.  More than likely we'll need to be able to still get around.  A time is going to come when we have to go shopping for wheels.  So, let's go kick some tires and look around.

This is the man chair to beat all man chairs.  Solid construction, good mileage. A real man chair.

Who wouldn't wanna own one of these babies.

If you need a wheelchair why not get the best.

All terraine tires can plow through anything.  Infact, hook it up with a plow and your in business.  Get out there and shovel everyones driveway. 

This machine has what it takes.

The Man Chair From Behind

Power and good looks.

A cab for her

(Hey! I want one)

For your wife, on those cold rainy days.
Why not!

Wheelchair body should be covered by BC Medical?

Comes in a variety of colors.

I haven't read any customer reviews.
You'll have to look that up on the internet.
Nor do I know the cost.
You'll have to look that up too.

I can see you in one now...

Dog Brindle
(Wheelchair Salesman Wanna be)

Tell them who sent ya

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